A goal in life for me would be going to Japan. I’ve been to Hong Kong and enjoyed it, so I imagine I would like seeing Tokyo! I wanna travel many places but I’ve always enjoyed Japanese culture because they are reserved like me, although I’m only reserved because I’m shy and they do it out of social norms. One thing I’m not gonna enjoy is all the walking they do, in HK they do lots of walking also and it became painful! Although it’s healthy for you so my body with thank me for all the exercise. Another thing is how they wash their clothes. They don’t really use dryers, they hang up their clothes instead. It’s better for your clothes but can be a weird transition. You can get a dryer if you really want, most dyers won’t dry all the clothes so you have to do multiple rounds, the more expensive one would be like ours here though! If I ended up living there for a bit I might invest in a car but then I’d have to learn how to drive there and it would be scary. I also don’t like the long process of going to the airport and then the security and then the long flight. It’s just super annoying but totally worth it in the end. I just now thought about this; do they have inhalers there? And would I have insurance for it? That would be important to know before going there for a long period of time since there would be lots of physical work.


Dylans family was going to get a 1-2 year old dog, but it didn’t work out, but we got a 8 week old puppy instead! She’s a Border Collie-Heeler mix and she’s quite good for a puppy! She sleeps a lot after playing for an hour or less and doesn’t have food aggression lol. She was born on Christmas which is pretty cute and its nice to know her birthday. We can defiantly see the Heeler in her because she nips at our heels when we’re playing sometimes! Its kinda cute but a bad habit for the future so we tell her no. She’s almost potty trained too! I think its because she was born in a barn and already went potty outside so its comfortable for her to go outside. She doesn’t fully understand “come here” but she’s still learning! Only bad thing about this situation is the cat that was already here doesn’t like the puppy and if the puppy comes too close he will hiss or scratch. Its sad because the puppy doesn’t even do anything to hurt the cat but the cat just doesn’t get it and is mean.

Dog problem

For the past month or so Dylan’s family had been looking for a new dog since their last dog had to be put down. During that month we found a few dogs we loved but it didn’t happen because of the situations that were going on. But the first dog they got was a cute hound puppy. He was a nice playful puppy, but there was one bad thing about him. He had food aggression, well…calling it food aggression would have seemed good compared to what it really was.  it was actually resource guarding and it was BAD. The dog was a stray growing up so that could have been expected, but we were told “oh he has a little food aggression.” When we would GIVE him food he would growl and nip at us, and if he wanted something he would think it’s his so if you took it then he would try to bite you. For example Dylan’s younger brother had a water bottle the dog wanted, so when his brother started drinking from it the dog tried to bite. We had to take him to the shelter because he was scaring us, they shelter did a test on him to see how bad it was and they said it was the worst they’ve ever seen especially in a puppy. So now he’s training with a prisoner since coincidentally there was a dog trainer at the jail.

College findings

Since I’ve started college I feel like I have changed a little bit and grown more as an adult and practicing responsibilities. My first quarter was kinda scary so I did decent but I wanted to do better, and this quarter I’m doing so much better mentally and school wise. At the beginning of this new quarter I set myself a goal to get 80% or more in all of the classes I take and I learned that setting a goal actually does help. For me that 80% motivated me to get there and I achieved my goal, and doing so feels great! When I get good scores I give myself a treat and that also helps motivate a bit. When I have an assignment I put it in the reminders on my phone so if I get distracted it reminds me to do it, and I usually do the homework early so I have have the next few days to chill and not stress.

Trying something new

Crate boxes are really popular right now, I see so many people get them for so many different things. My mom gets a couple of them, one of the boxes has makeup, another has snacks, and then another one is a period craving theme, which has some things you may want on your period. I think the most popular ones right now is the food and makeup boxes. Some of the crates have themes like nostalgia, 80’s, video games, or just about anything. A while ago I saw this ad for a Japan crate box and it looked really cute and fun. I’ve seen some videos of people opening the past boxes they have done since they’re monthly, and it looks really fun to open and get surprises with a theme you like. I decided I should try it this month since the theme looks fun and I’ve never gotten a crate box before! The theme for the Japan crate box this month is nostalgia, so Pokémon and some other cute characters I will probably remember. In these boxes it can come with household items, plushies, or accessories and if you sign up before March 14th then you can possibly get an extra exclusive item! Example:

First concert!

So a couple nights ago me and Dylan kind of made an impulse buy.. but it’s gonna be totally worth it because it’s my first concert!! The concert is to see Odesza in Seattle at the “WaMu”, which me and Dylan really like and he has been dying to see Odesza in concert for about 4 years now. I’m really nervous about it because I don’t normally like being in social situations or around too many people so this will help me be more social and less scared. I know I don’t really need to worry because I think everyone there will be nice and I have Dylan to protect me if needed. One thing that’s inconvenient is that the concert is on March 29th, which is a Thursday. It’s kind of a weird day for doing all that but I’ll be on my spring break, but even if I wasn’t on my spring break I get out of my classes decently early compared to some others. Dylan has his spring break a week sooner than mine so he chose to miss a day of class for the concert. I think this will be a fun adventure for us and I’ll probably enjoy it a lot!

Student Jobs

CBC offers some small jobs for students which is really neat and nice in my opinion so students who need some extra cash can get some. They have about 20 jobs and most of them are helping out with staff, helping students, or cleaning up. One of them was cleaning up lab experiments which seems cool at first, but this isn’t high school so the science could actually be dangerous. The ones I applied for were the ones that involved helping out with staff. I don’t think I was qualified enough for some other ones because I’m a brand new student and I still don’t really know all the norms and “rules.” For example I had a math test and in class we don’t use calculators, but for the test our teacher said we could have calculators so I was so happy It wouldn’t take as long. But I came into class, and people were saying they forgot their calculator and i was thinking “What do they mean? Don’t schools provide calculators and resources?” But I guess in college you need to have your own calculators sadly. Anyways applied to a bit of them but I think they get filled in fast so maybe someone else who needed it more got it!


These jobs get taken fast and a lot of people apply so I think when I see a job I’ll apply asap for better chances. Also I think these school jobs are really good for college students so that they can make some extra money while on campus, and helping out your school! I’d suggest applying because you’ll get closer to your school meet new people where you spend a lot of your time while getting some cash.

Government Job

Recently my mom’s job had an opening as a backup transcriber and my mom mentioned me, so her boss was like “Lets get the papers going!” So soon after that, I printed out the papers and started on them since government things take forever to go through. The papers were pretty confusing, long, and boring compared to the other applications I’ve done before. On every page I had to add my SSN and I’d forget to do that sometimes so my mom would have to call me back in the room. I also kinda read some things wrong and had to cross it out and write them again. So I learned government papers are a pain in the butt to do, especially since you repeat yourself about a million times (okay maybe like 10 or 20 times.) The job is just writing what is said from the court cases, its also recording so you can go back and re-listen if you missed anything. I hope its not super hard to do and I get better as I do it. Also wish the papers would go through faster so I can start training and getting paid! 


Government jobs are cool and good jobs, but if you’re trying to get a job immediately I would suggest applying for other jobs as well so your chances go up.

Animal Education

A job I think would be fun is an animal educator! I saw a video of this girl on youtube who used to work in a pet store in Hong Kong because she went to the store so often when she was 11 and she would go next-door to help the vet too. She moved to England and realized she had always liked animals her whole life and knew she wanted do something with animals as a career path. She had a job at a zoo but it wasn’t what she thought it was, which is why I looked at other animal jobs also. Her job is showing and teaching kids and adults about animals, she also takes care of them sometimes too! It’s and education job which I never thought I’d ever consider but here I am thinking this is the path I might wanna take. To get this job I have to stop being so scared of people, but then again I need that in life itself so it’ll be good for me! I also feel not as nervous around young people which is a bit weird but good I guess. I also need to know biology of animals and their history, in order to be somewhat of a teacher I gotta know all about animals!


To be able to work with animals in the future as my carrier, I’d have to take some special classes and learn about everything I can about animals. Also go out and talk to people! Connections will get you places and probably a job too

Petco application

I’ve applied for Petco before and the application was tedious and boring. I’m not exactly looking forward to applying again but I’m exited to be considered and hopefully join the team. The Petco application had a mini test on it and a survey. The math test was 10 minutes and you filled out as much as possible, and the survey was 25 minutes and it was ‘yes, no, unsure’ questions. Also another plus about Petco is that its right by my house! Like less than 5 minutes away! That would be so convenient.